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Blakemore & Mitsuki Seminar Series No. 1
Business Succession Measures for Business Owners:
What Business Succession Methods Are Advantageous for Business Owners?
Date and Time : Friday, November 21st, 2014, 13:30〜15:30 (doors open at 13:00)
Speaker : Yasuo Shida
Organizer : Blakemore & Mitsuki
Place : Blakemore & Mitsuki
Nittochi Bldg. 17th Floor Meeting Room
Nittochi Bldg., 17F
4-1, Kasumigaseki 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Fee : Free
Persons Who May
Be Interested
: Business owners, advisors or consultants of business owners (including tax accountants, public accountants, attorneys, and other professionals)
Related Subjects : Taxation, M&A

1. General Remarks About Business Succession

(1) What is Business Succession?
(2) Choices in Business Succession
(3) Business Succession by Relatives-Integration with Inheritance
(4) Business Succession Integrated With Inheritance-Points About Measures That
  Should Be Taken
  ・Selecting who is to be the business successor
  ・Dealing with those who are not the business successors
     Legally reserved portions
     Measures regarding voting rights
  ・Methods of valuating inheritance tax for inherited property
     Methods for valuating for land
     Methods for valuating for buildings
     Methods for valuating for unlisted stocks
  ・Measures for reducing inheritance tax burdens
     Making use of gifts (calendar year gifts, taxation system for settlement at
     time of inheritance, etc.)
     Making use of insurance money
     Making use of special provisions on valuation of land, buildings
     Implementing reduction measures on valuation of unlisted stocks
     Making use of trusts
  ・Measures on voting rights for unlisted stocks
  ・Measures on tax payment funds
     Insurance money, retirement allowance
     Purchase of treasury stock
     Payments in kind
     Deferred payments
     Postponements for tax payments

2. Fundamentals of Inheritance

(1) Statutory Inheritance
(2) Making Use of Wills, Wills and Agreements on Estate Division
(3) Relationship among Estate Division Mediation, Trials, and Inheritance Tax Returns
(4) Measures on Legally Reserved Portions
     Making use of Act on Special Provisions of the Civil Code
(5) Inheritance of Debts

3. Methods of Valuating Inheritance Tax for Inherited Property

(1) Buildings
     Residences for Personal Use, Residences for Rent
(2) Land
     Road Rating areas, valuation multiplier areas域
     Methods for valuating by Road Ratings
      corner lots, irregular-shaped lots, etc
(3) Financial Assets Other Than Unlisted Stocks
(4) Debt Succession

Blakemore & Mitsuki Seminar Series No. 1
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