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Education Hitotsubashi University (LL.B., 1983); Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Master of Business Law, 2007); Columbia Law School (LL.M., 2012; Visiting Scholar, 2012-2014); Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Completed Doctoral Program of Business Law, 2007-2016); Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Ph.D. in Business Law, 2017).
Admitted 2002, Japan.
Chase Manhattan Bank N.A., Tokyo and Hong Kong (1983-1989); The Legal Training and Research Institute, Saitama, Japan (2001-2002); Koga & Partners, Tokyo (2002-2004); Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, New York, U.S. (2012); US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri (2011-2013); Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo (formerly Asahi Koma Law Offices) (2004-2014); Arbitrator of Daini Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center (2014-Present); Nakano Law Office, Tokyo (2014-2018); Reconciliator of Dispute Reconciliation Center for Nuclear Damage Compensation regarding Fukushima Nuclear Plant (2014-Present); Registered Lawyer's List for Lawyer Referral Service for Hague Convention, Japan Federation of Bar Association (2015-Present); Lecturer of Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo (2015-2019); Lecturer of Waseda University (2016-2018); Lecturer of Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Law (2018-2020); Mediator of Tokyo Family Court (2016-Present); Professor, Keio University Law School (2021-Present); Deputy Secretary-General, Japan International Dispute Resolution Center (JIDRC) (2019-Present); Steering Committee Member, Japan International Mediation Center (JIMC) (2019-Present); Outside Director, Sumida Corporation (2019-Present); Fukushima Medical University the Third-party Committee Member(2019); Listed on panel of arbitrators of JCAA (2019-Present); Listed on panel of arbitrators of KCAB International (2020-Present); Listed on panel of mediators of Japan International Mediation Center, Kyoto (2020-Present); Outside Director, Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation.
Member Daini Tokyo Bar Association; Japan Bar Association, International Commercial and Investment Arbitration ADR Working Group; Japan Association of Arbitrators; Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group (2007-2008); Arbitration Center of Daini Tokyo Bar Association; Japan Association of the Law of Trust; Earth Watch Japan; Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; CIArb Accredited Mediator; The Japanese Association of International Business Law.
Languages Japanese and English.
Practice Areas Dispute Resolution: ADR (International Arbitration, Mediation, Ombudsman and Negotiation), Litigation; Compliance Issues; Finance(Structured Finance, Project Finance, etc.); Corporate Reorganization; Employment Law; M&A; Corporate Rehabilitation; Tax Litigation; Intellectual Property Law; U.S. law-related matters.
Publications "Description of Tax Litigation with regard to the Stock Option Taxation." (2006),Tokyo: Nikkei Biz Plus (On line article), Nikkei Net.

"Lectures on the Practice of Administrative Litigation Law." wrote 13 out of 796 pages (2007),Tokyo: Minjiho-kenkyukai.

"Tax issues in the Legal Disputes." wrote 10 out of 420 pages, described the current issues in the tax litigations (2009), Tokyo: Minjiho-kenkyukai.

"Summary of the Regulation of Collective Investment Scheme." (2007), Tokyo: Nikkei Biz Plus (On line article), Nikkei Net.

"Q&A of Practice of Financial Instruments Transactions for Registered Financial Institutions." wrote 18 out of 421 pages (2008), Tokyo: Seibunsha.

"Policy Proposals for Ideal Financial ADR and Feasible Plan." wrote as one of 26 members of Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group (2008), Tokyo: Japan Financial ADR/Ombudsman Study Group.

"Lectures on Handling Complaints on the Financial Instrument Products." wrote 8 out of 210 pages (2009), (Banking Business Text book) Tokyo: Ginko-kensyusha.

"Trust as Social Infrastructure in Japan." wrote 35 out of 209 pages with the members of Trust Act Committee of Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, proposed the new usage of trust system under new Trust Act in Japan (2010), (Banking Business Text book) Tokyo: Kobundo.

"Japan's New Financial ADR System." (2010), (with a lawyer of Nishimura & Asahi) in English. U.S.: Bloomberg Law Reports - Alternative Dispute Resolution (Vol.1, No.2).

"Research and development based on collaboration between government, industry and academia in 2010, sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology." wrote Section VIII Damages and Compensations, Section X Governing Law and Jurisdiction (2010), Tokyo: Research Committee for collaboration between government, industry and academia.

"Doing Business in UAE." wrote Chapter VII Intellectual Property, Chapter X Tax and Chapter XI Disputes Resolution, and review all pages (2011), Tokyo: Nishimura & Asahi).

"Description of Intellectual Property Law (Law Textbook)." wrote 2 out of 462 pages (2008, 2010, 2013), Tokyo: Kobundo.

"Regulations on Collective Investment Scheme under the Financial Investment and Exchange Act" for master thesis at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (2007).

"Determinants of the Scope of Privilege in Mediation - Primarily Based on the Uniform Mediation Act" for Columbia Law School, LLM Supervised Research Paper (2012).

"Comparative Study of U.S. Mediation and Japanese Mediation, As Well As Proposals to Revitalize Japanese Mediation Systems" for Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Ph.D. dissertation (March 2017).

Lectures and Presentations "Expanding Role of Japanese Lawyers in International Dispute Resolution" at International Dispute Resolution in Asia; Memorial Symposium for the Establishment of the LL.M. program in Global Legal Practice at Keio University Law School, Tokyo, Japan (April 27, 2016).


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